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Wellness Travel Australia

Part of the fastest growing segment of the travel sector, Wellness Travel is based around the person travelling to a destination and taking part in either a retreat or learning activity or course.  People are identifying with travel and holidays from their busy schedule as not an opportunity to simply sit and watch idle entertainment, but instead to participate actively and engage in their own further health and wellness exploration.

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My own experiences began with a one day yoga retreat – where I participated in a class, then listened to a talk then a group activity and then another class with a meal in between.  During the breaks it was a magical opportunity to connect and share with other retreat attendees.  From there, I went to two night retreats for meditation, with a silent element where the other participants were expected to maintain strict silence with each other.  It allowed an enormous space for self reflection and gave me time for personal stillness and rest.

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Radical Self Care Retreat

Going on retreat is now a special way of radical self care for myself, so I can re-charge and re-energize myself and be in the best possible mental condition for my daily life.  A couple of nights away at a retreat is so precious I will never not do it for the rest of my life.  Breaking away from my partner and children and re-discovering time for myself among people who have no real connection is so powerful – it literally changes the way I think about things.

For me, retreat is a time of quietly gathering my thoughts, and then the dozen or so extended meditation sessions are particularly revealing to open me up for introspection.  I find all the mental work very rewarding, although it is really important for me to balance it with a run through the rainforest at dawn, or some yin yoga bliss out in the morning sun.

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Retreats were considered something out of the ordinary or for specialists only up until not so long ago.  Now, I can comfortably find a dharma retreat and stay at a monk’s residence – like a monastery – and experience the quiet solitude of the monk life for a few days.  It is a wonderful way to unplug from the hustle and noise of commercial life and embrace the simplicity and calm of simpler times.

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At a recent health and wellness retreat a personal coach and life coaching specialist was invited to speak to the group.  She shared her love of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy and how using the simple techniques she had helped people quit smoking, stop drinking and lose weight, among other things.  It was eye opening to see a real demonstration from a certified hypnotherapist and see the participant willingly submit to hypnotherapy to stop drinking.

The hypnotist drew comparisons with dirty, muddy water, or drinking filth from the sewer, and the imagery evoked very strong feelings of distaste in my mind’s eye.  Under the suggestibility of hypnosis, it was amazing to see how thoroughly convinced the client was that drinking was no longer an option.

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A short stay in a wellness vacation is often the perfect antidote for feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your everyday life.  Often, following blindly with some limiting beliefs and out of sync lifestyle habits and thought patterns might have you feeling stuck from your own self imposed boundaries and rules.  By being able to reflect on your current position, and then thorough a process of expanding your self awareness so you can see outside of your usual thought processes – you will be able to break free from whatever was holding you back.

Usually it is so long held belief that is no longer working for you.  It can be quite startling to see how rapidly you can make a switch once you de-clutter your mind and open it up to new was through positive psychology.

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Wellness travel will continue to expand so long as people are dissatisfied with sitting idle in a club watching mediocre performances and eating mediocre food.  Life can offer so much more if you are open and willing to engage in opportunities for personal growth and self development – no matter how old you are.  And that is the key – as we age, it is vitally important to be able to evolve and grow and allow mindset changes so we can become more resilient and open to meet the challenges that are headed our way.